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AAABC Group of Companies , ARDH AL AMALQAH Building Construction and Rooya Solar Energy System are registered trading names as LLC companies in U.A.E.;


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Ardh Al Amalqah Building Contracting L.L.C. Is one of the prestigious and qualified organizations in the field of contracting. It has also been classified as an outstanding construction company ensuring completion of the job and quality service for the satisfaction of our valued customers. Since the beginning, Ardh Al Amalqah had the vision to speedily catch up the tremendous growth in the region by executing highly reputed projects. Not only focusing on the agreed time, cost and quality, our main intention is on delivering more. Ardh Al Amalqah Team is not just fixating on standard construction objectives but we are thinking outside the box, looking for possible effective ideas that will benefit both the company and the client. We achieve this through collaborative management, innovative mindsets, dependable resources and a commitment to each endeavor. Ardh Al Amalqah Team has an international expertise for both managerial and construction staff. We deal in the design and build of turnkey industrial and civil projects i.e. factories, warehouses, cold stores, labor camps, offices, residential buildings, etc. It has proven its ability to provide fast service and construction solutions such as sending their experts and well-equipped team anywhere and whenever the clients need it all over the region.


ROOYA– solar system - a solution provider company in U.A.E. We provide a wide range of professional services for residential, commercial and industrial markets. such as RCC roof , warehouse roofs, solar car parking ground-mount and BIPV areas in order to allow the business owners to monetize the unused assets and bring their electricity bills to the minimum, our services include Electrical, PV Installations, Energy Efficiency Measures, Backup Emergency Generators, and Energy Audits. The cost of electricity around the world has increased over the last few years more dramatically than ever before in history, and the current industry trends do not show any slowdown, or reversal, in these price growth trends. Therefore, through electric cost savings over the lifetime in a world that is increasingly concerned with cleaner, greener, more ecologically homes and businesses. Our solar electrification projects provide an effective and renewable energy source that meets the highest safety and design specifications. So our approach to take a solar system from initial design all the way through the installation and interconnection with the utility company. As we have engineering and technical resources, and know-how and experience to help clients achieve success with their solar integration and solar energy projects.

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Our core business covers the full spectrum of building contracting and Solar Energy System we are recognised as a specialist in utilizing avant-garde technology in our markets.

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Quality Material

Quality materials are essential for quality results; hand in hand with quality control, quality materials provide a sturdy and durable construction.


The performance standards required to demonstrate compliance with the energy efficiency requirements (Part L) of the Building Regulations.

Trained Workers

Safety, Employee retention, Recruitment Efforts, Workforce quality & Bottom lines

Time Availability

Our schedule is a timeline for every task and event in a construction ans Solar project. The schedule is a fundamental part of the project planning phase, as it also defines the resources needed and the teams responsible for each task in the construction process.

Quick Response

For our clients, every project is important–from major remodels to minor repairs–and they usually need to get done quickly, especially if the business is being negatively affected. We know that having work or retail space that looks beautiful and performs well is absolutely critical for business success.

Worldwide Quality Assurance

Our company is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality, environmental management, and occupational health and safety. We are proud to be certified by the Worldwide Quality Association (WQA) as well as ISO 9001-2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 for our integrated management system (IMS).